Masterclass in Soccer as an Algorithm for Success to Championship

Thousands of ordinary boys and girls aspire to become great athletes. Every one of them dreams of a football career. Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar and other international stars are writing football history, leaving an indelible mark. But the material factor is not in last place either. It is no secret that footballers earn good money, and it's a good reason to have a successful career. Although the main thing is fulfilling their own goals, fulfilling themselves creatively and spiritually. In order to properly build a career as an athlete, the Academy offers special masterclasses to help you become a champion.



The Football Academy offers training with licensed Pro and A category coaches who have achieved career excellence. Masterclasses refer to the original educational method, which are taught to the younger generation by professionals. What are the special features of these classes?


    1. Two-way interaction between a trainer and an apprentice. In contrast to theory classes, young athletes learn how to relate to each other, and practically learn the results by trial and error. At the same time, an experienced coach helps to point out the inaccuracies that lead to losing championships. 
    2. Instead of a thousand words. Ball handling tactics can be studied schematically, read about the details, listened to and followed. But there is no substitute for a practical lesson. It's not enough to learn tactics in regular lessons, it's another thing to reinforce them with an encouraging word, the look of a champion. He will point out how well the technique is mastered.
    3. The individual personality characteristics of the athlete act as a significant trait for the young athletes. They learn his way of behaving with people, adopt his thinking experience, which can be guessed even at one master class. 


The Academy hosts interesting meetings with licensed coaches from European countries and South America. Experts from France, Spain, and Germany. Argentina and Brazil come to show their level of skill.

Cost of MASTER CLASS 100$



November 18-20 

МАSTER CLASS from coaches from SPAIN with UEFA Pro and UEFA A categories

- Possibility to be present during training
- Informational conversation with the coach
The trainer with his group has the opportunity to participate in the training process and attend lectures